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If you live in the Land of Enchantment, chances are you’ve heard about Cloudcroft, if for no other reason than that it’s a nice little New Mexico vacation destination, a nice little mountain town that’s fun to get away to on weekends. Outside of New Mexico, most people have no idea we’re here."Rand McNally" "Best of the road" "friendliest town" "new mexico"

That could change, however; on July 5, Rand McNally/USA Today’s two-person survey team is headed our way, in their mission to find the “Friendliest Small Town in America.” Bob and Jen, Rand McNally’s Rogue Riders, as they’re called, are part of Rand McNally’s Best of the Road, a site that finds the best parts of small town America, in order to help you make the most of your exploratory car trips. Through a series of blogs and YouTube videos, the team shares their experiences from all their stops, so when they arrive in Cloudcroft, chances are you might find yourself in a clip or two."rogue riders" "best of the road" "new mexico"

We’re very excited to be part of their 2012 Road Rally, so if you live here, be sure to give them a warm Cloudcroft welcome. One way to start is by liking their Facebook page and posting something fun; like anybody on a road trip, the Rogue Riders appreciate your enthusiasm and hospitality! Stay tuned for updates—if we’re named the Friendliest Small Town, get ready for even more visitors!

I can’t wait!


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